1 Week Duo Raya Giveaway

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-senarai hadiah-

1x dress by NFH Boutique
3x shawl by Nor Azwaa
2x shawl bibo by Juliana's Mastal Love Blog
2x RM5 topup by Fara Shahera
1x RM5 topup by Ayu Yusraa
2x RM5 topup by Farah Ainaa
2x RM10 topup by Haliza Lieza
1x RM5 topup by Ifah Ashri
2x RM5 topup by Kyle Kesha
3x shawl by Infigacy
2x (ribbon shawl + keychain) by Diera
5x kad raya by Farhan Irfan
5x kad raya by Azzah Said
1x notebook by Qeela Aini
1x postcard by Qeela Aini
1x pin badge by Qeela Aini
3x button badge by Asnawi
3x name tag felt by Kaqyonk Fauzi
1x headband by warnawarni craft II

Friday, 26 July 2013 @ 02:30 / 0 daisies

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